Ian Dunt In conversation with Jon Alexander

How to be a Liberal

  Monday, October 4th, 2021

  7:30PM until 8:30PM

In How To Be A Liberal, Ian Dunt has written a sweeping history of liberal thought and  ideas, from the 17th century philosopher Descartes to the present day.

Among other events and thinkers covered are the Putney debates, John Locke, the French Revolution, John Stuart Mill, John Maynard Keynes and George Orwell.

Many of the important figures featured in this tour de force of a book are not as well known to us now as they should be.

Ian Dunt has brought them and their thinking to life and made clear their relevance to problems we face in today’s world.

This is an important book, engagingly and passionately written.

In an exciting discussion Ian was in conversation with local councillor Claire Shea. 

Ian Dunt is the editor of Politics.co.uk and a contributor to various newspapers and websites, including The Washington Post, The Guardian and Prospect. 

He is a regular commentator on TV and radio, including Newsnight, Any Questions and Sky News and is a host of the Remainiacs and Bunker podcasts.