Robert Martineau

Robert Martineau left his job as a lawyer in London at the age of 27 to walk 1,000 miles through Ghana, Togo and Benin on a journey which ended at Ouidah, an ancient spiritual centre on the coast of West Africa. 

This book is an honest, beautifully written account of that journey, why he made it and how it changed him.

He writes about the psychology of walking alone over such long distances, the people he encounters & the kindness he experiences along the way.

There is a sense of pilgrimage, although his destination is not the most important thing about the journey.

“There’s a distance to go, a way to follow, however many steps and hours to cover it. There’s no room for anything more. This is a form of freedom.” 

Robert Martineau is co-founder of the nutrition company TRIBE & the TRIBE Freedom Foundation, a charity which fights human trafficking.

He will be in conversation with Julia Wheeler. 


Robert Martineau
on Waypoints: A Journey on Foot

  Sep 29th, 2021